International Education & Employment Verification

For Employment Screening
For College Admission
For Licensure / Certification
For Faculty Recruitment
For USCIS / Visa
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Document Authentication

We have extensive experience in checking official documents for authenticity through Primary Source Verification (PSV).

Global Reach

We work with our contacts around the world to verify education and employment in over 100 countries.

Secure Access

All electronically transmitted documents are securely stored and are accessible only by authorized employees and customers.

We provide verification of foreign credentials.

Foreign Credits, Inc. is a leading provider of verification services to confirm the authenticity of academic documents and employment histories from any country. Each verification report is based on Primary Source Verification (PSV) and is suitable for pre-employment screening, background checks, immigration, further education and professional licensing. The results obtained have been successfully submitted to USCIS, NASA, state and local governments, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.
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